Turkish Pistachio Kernel GreenType


Turkish Pistachio Kernel, green type, is best taste and high quality of pistachio kernel. Green pistachio kernel is always most expensive one. Green pistachio kernel is always use in making baklava, kadayif and ice cream.

Turkish Antep Pistachio is an edible fruit from the gum tree family. According to the data, 40% of Turkish pistachio is produced in Gaziantep and 33% in Şanlıurfa. Turkish Antep Pistachio has many benefits. It is even used in cough syrups in the healthcare field. Turkey is the third country where most of the pistachios grown.

Gaziantep is a famous city for its food. We manage very well to use pistachios in every area. In 2013 and 2014, a decrease was observed in the production of Turkish pistachio due to weather conditions. Gaziantep is a famous city for its food. We manage very well to use turkish pistachios in every area. The perfect green pistachio is generally harvested in July and August and comes to market in october.

turkish pistachio kernel perfect green
turkish pistachio kernel perfect green

Perfect green Turkish Antep pistachio is the best quality and most delicious pistachio variety. It is harvested when it is not fully mature one month before the harvest time. Since the pistachio is not fully mature, some of them may turn out to be empty. The price is slightly higher than the shelled Turkish pistachio. Unlike the normal pistachio in appearance, it is shrunken and smaller.


  1. When 10 pieces are eaten a day, it meets the daily fat requirement of the body.
  2. A 100 grams of Turkish pistachio meets 35% of our body’s need for vitamin B1 and phosphorus.
  3. There is no cholesterol in Turkish pistachios. On the contrary, it lowers the cholesterol level and minimizes the risk of heart disease.
  4. It is possible to say that it is two times superior in protein and four times higher in phosphorus than beef.
  5. It is possible to say that it is very rich in vitamins E, C and B.
  6. It helps to lower blood sugar.
  7. It provides resistance to the body.
  8. We can also consume it as an anti-inflammatory remover for our lungs. Helps soften the chest and relieve cough.

Perfect green turkish pistachio takes this name because of the yellowish color of its inner and outer shell. It is the first product obtained as of July. Perfect Green Turkish  pistachio is more special than other pistachios with its aramos and taste. The appetite of this green pistachio is also used as a food coloring.

This pistachio variety is used to make the color of the food items more attractive. Among the pistachios, the most expensive pistachio variety is perfect green type pistachio. Usually the first harvested fruits fall under the trees. Almost 40% of the green pistachio produced in our country is used in the dessert industry.

Green pistachios are of course first used in baklava. Then it continues with ice cream and kadayıf. This flavor, which is the only choice of baklava masters, is easy to digest and has a very high nutritional value. Powdered grizzly interior is the form used by baklava masters, cut many times for grizzly.


  1. HUMIDITY RATE: 4.0%
  2. OIL RATE: 62.30%
  3. PROTEIN RATIO: 20.83%
  4. NA (% X 0.001): 5.2%
  5. K (0.001%): 10.87%
  6. CA / 0.001%): 13.5%
  7. P (% X 0.001): 50.33%
  8. FE (X 0.001%): 6.6%
  9. CU (% X 0.001): 1.2%

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