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Amazing Authentic Turkish Delight With Pistachio

Authentic Turkish Delight, which is a reflection of Turkish cuisine from the Ottoman Empire, stands out with a variety of different flavors. This flavor, which is definitely found in every home, is a kind of dessert consumed mostly on special days and holidays. As you know, Turkish cuisine has quite different types. So much so that Authentic Turkish Delight with pistachio, rose, walnut and chocolate are just some of them.

turkish delight pistachio

It is one of the important tastes that can be consumed with Turkish coffee not only on special days or holidays, but also at any time of the day. The natural resources used in its production also prove that this luxury turkish delight is more delicious. The question of how Authentic Turkish delight pistachio, which is a logistical flavor, is made and at what stages it comes to the table, is definitely confused. So how is this flavor so common in our culture made?


How is Authentic Turkish Delight Produce?

turkish delight pistachio
turkish delight pistachio

Authentic Turkish Delight, which was presented to the sultans and their sultans as a dessert in the Ottoman times, has passed through many stages as far as it has come to the present day. As a matter of fact, Authentic Turkish Delight, which had a limited variety as Pomegranate Turkish Delight, Walnut Turkish Delight and Pistachio Turkish Delight, was made in all options today. Luxury Turkish Delight, which causes Turkish cuisine to be introduced all over the world, goes through a somewhat arduous process with the process of making.

turkish delight dessert
turkish delight dessert

The process of making Turkish Delights in Ottoman times appears as honey, molasses and tahini. However, with the industrialization of the world, Turkish Delight materials are now made with less cost and more variety. So much so that Turkish Delight, which was made with scarce material in the past, is made with a mixture of sugar, starch, lemon salt and water in current production centers.

pomegranate turkish delight
turkish delight

It is produced in factories without human touch. Turkish Delights produced in this way are produced in more quantities and mostly cover the flavor of the cuisine. There are many people who produce in their own homes as well as in factories and offer them for sale as natural delight.

The making of Turkish Delight begins with the dissolution of the sucrose substance in water. Then the Lemon salt, cyclic acid and Starch are left in a place to boil. This mixture, which is kept for a while, is added to a natural sugar mixture and cooked on low heat. In this sense, the cooking time and mixture are important for the taste of Turkish Delight. So much so that a rare delight cannot keep its consistency. Or a well cooked Turkish delight can become too hard. Therefore, the most important stage of making Turkish Delight can be called cooking.


What are the Types of Turkish Delight?

original turkish delight
original turkish delight

Turkish Delight varieties used to be made with less variety. However, as you can imagine, with the industrialization of the world, the easier production of ingredients used in food has contributed to the production of Turkish Delight with more options. To give the simplest example of these, Gulli Turkish Delight is among the delights that manage to enter every house on holidays with the comfort and taste of its taste.

Especially if we talk about Antep, Turkish Pistachio has come to an important production stage. So much so that Turkish Delight with Pistachio is a taste that every person tries to get. Turkish Delight varieties do not end with counting. However, important and commercial delights of these

  • Turkish Delight with Pistachio
  • Turkish Delight with Rose
  • Famous Plain Turkish Delight
  • Turkish delight filled with walnut



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